How to Turn Left in a Automatic Car

The following tutorials are for learner drivers of automatic cars making left turns. Normally, we would define a left turn as driving on a major road and making a left turn onto a minor road.

The following guides are up to current driving test standards and are ideal to read for those teaching or receiving private tuition. Follow the tutorials closely as there’s quite a lot of details, all of which are essential for passing the driving test.

What is a left turn explained for driversWhat is a Left Turn (When Driving)

We start out here by explaining what a left turn is (using a simple diagram) and what the driving test examiner will be expecting you to do during the practical test.

Identifying a Left Turn Tutorial for Learner DriversIdentifying a Left Turn

Before taking a left turn, you’ll first need to run through the MSPSL routine. Prior to that, you’ll need to locate and identify the junction. Use these tips for locating and identifying a left turn.

Tutorial explaining when and when not to signal during a left turnUse of Signals at a Left Turn

It’s important that you time your signals correctly so not to cause confusion to other road users. This guide explains when you should and should not signal for a left turn.

Tutorial explaining what speed you should take a left turn in an automatic carWhat Speed Should You Make a Left Turn?

Every left turn is unique and requires a different speed to take it. In this tutorial, we explain what you need to look out for in determining the correct and safe speed for taking a left turn.

Reference Point for Left Turns in a Car TutorialReference Point for Left Turns in a Car

For many new learner drivers, reference points provide a valuable aid. This reference point can be used when making a left turn, plus it’s simple to use.

Tutorial explaining the best road position for making a left turn in a carBest Road Position for a Left Turn

Making a left turn is something you’ll be doing plenty of while learning to drive. You’ll also be doing plenty of left turns during the driving test. This tutorial explains the best road position prior to making the turn, how the wrong position may fail your test and what position to take before entering a narrow road.

Tutorial Explaining the Hazards You’ll Encounter at Left TurnsHazards You’ll Encounter at Left Turns

Every left turn into a side road will be different, so you’ll need to be prepared for any potential hazard. This tutorial explains the potential hazards that you may encounter when making a left turn into a side road.

Correct Procedure for Making a Left Turn in a Automatic CarMaking a Left Turn in a Automatic Car

We can finally move onto the correct procedure for making a left turn. Here, we use the MSPSL driving routine to make a left turn in an automatic car. Use this method while learning to drive and during the practical driving test.