How to Turn Right in a Automatic Car

The tutorials below will guide learner drivers through the process of making a right turn, from major, to minor road. The following tutorials are using up-to-date techniques used by driving instructors and recommended by the DVSA.

These tutorials are ideal for learners receiving private tuition from friends or parents. Always start right turns on quiet residential streets with little traffic and work your way up to busier areas.

What is a right turn when driving explainedWhat is a Right Turn (When Driving)

This how to turn right section begins with a simple understanding of what a right turn is by use of a diagram and what the examiner will be expecting during the driving test.

Learning to Drive Tutorial for Identifying a Right TurnIdentifying a Right Turn

During your driving test, you’ll be taking many right turns. In order to plan ahead, you’ll first need to identify the right turn as early as possible. Here are some tips for identifying right turns.

Use of signals when making a right turn tutorialUse of signals at a Right Turn

Many driving tests are failed every year due to the inappropriate use of signals. Here we explain what you should and should not do when signalling for a right turn.

Driving lesson tutorial explaining what speed you should make a right turn in a carWhat Speed Should You Make a Right Turn

Not every right turn is the same and different right turns require a different speed. Here we explain what speed you should attempt to make a right turn, plus reasons why you should take it slower.

Tutorial explaining the correct road position for making a right turnCorrect Road Position for Making a Right Turn

During your practical driving test, you’ll be making plenty of right turns. This tutorial explains the correct road position for making a right turn, plus the reasons why.

Dedicated lanes for right turns learner driver tutorialDedicated Lane for Making a Right Turn

Certain right turns may have a dedicated lane and waiting area. Here we explain how to correctly use the dedicated right turn lanes and to avoid common mistakes.

Car reference points for turning right learner driver tutorialReference Points for Turning Right

When it comes to driving instructions, we often use reference points to help leaners with spatial awareness. Use these reference points for making a right turn into a side road.