Hand, Foot and Auxiliary Car Controls

During your first automatic driving lesson, we covered the cockpit drill. After you’ve carried out the cockpit drill, you’ll then move onto the car’s hand controls, foot controls and auxiliary controls.

At this early stage of learning to drive, we concentrate on the fundamental hand, foot and auxiliary controls essential for you to drive safely.

Hand Controls

Your car’s hand controls include the steering wheel, gear selector lever and the handbrake or parking brake.

Steering Wheel Hand Positions for Learning to Drive a Car Steering Wheel Hand Positions

Here we explain the various steering wheel hand positions that you can use for learning to drive along with what the examiner is looking for on the driving test.

Push and pull steering method tutorial for learner drivers Push and Pull Steering Method

This tutorial explains the push and pull steering method used by driving instructors to teach learner drivers. Step by step diagrams and video guide.

Automatic car gears tutorials for learner driversAutomatic Car Gears Explained

Essential car controls include the automatic gears. These tutorials explain how to use the automatic gears; from the gear lever to the various letters and numbers.

Tutorial explaining how to use the handbrake or parking brake in an automatic carHow to Use the Handbrake in an Automatic Car

During your first driving lessons, you’ll need to understand how the handbrake or parking brake work. This tutorial explains how to apply and release the handbrake or parking brake in an automatic car.

Foot Controls

Your automatic car’s foot controls include the brake and accelerator pedals.

Tutorial Explaining If You Use Both Feet When Driving an Automatic CarWhat Feet to Use When Driving an Automatic Car

If you’re asking if you should use both feet when driving an automatic car, or you’re simply not sure, here we explain the best practices for which feet to use for the brake and accelerator.

Learning Car Brakes and How to Use Them TutorialLearning How Car Brakes Work and How to Use Them

One very important part of learning to drive an automatic car is of course learning how to safely stop it. These tutorials teach you how your car’s brakes work and techniques for safely using your brakes.

Tutorial for how to use the accelerator in an automatic carHow to use the Accelerator in an Automatic Car

This guide explains how to use the accelerator in an automatic car, from foot position, moving off, moving off on a hill (hill-start), driving round corners, eco-driving and accelerating.

Auxiliary Controls

Your car’s auxiliary controls include the indicators, hazard warning lights, windscreen wipers and washers, vehicle lights, window demister.

First driving lesson tutorial for learner drivers on where the indicators are and how to use themWhere are the Indicators on a Car and How to Use Them

This tutorial which includes a video explains where the indicators are, plus how and when to use them. This is usually covered by the driving instructor during the first driving lesson.

Hazard warning lights tutorialWhat are Hazard Warning Lights

Tutorial and video for new learner drivers explaining what hazard warning lights are, how to activate them and when to use and when not use them.

Tutorial explaining how to use the car's windscreen wipersHow to Use the Windscreen Wipers

You’ll need to know how the windscreen wipers work not only for learning to drive, but for the driving test too. This tutorial explains how to use the front and rear windscreen wipers and washers, plus what not to do to avoid possible damage.

How to use the car lights tutorialHow to use your Car Lights

This tutorial explains how to use your car lights; from where the car lights controls are located, what all the symbols mean (so that you know what each light does) and when you should use them.

How to demist your car windows tutorialHow to Demist the Front Windscreen and Rear Window

Windows often fog up while driving, so you need to know how to clear them. This tutorial explains how to demist the front windscreen, front door windows and the rear window.

Dashboard Gauges and Warning Lights

Your car’s dashboard gauges include the speedometer, rev counter and warning light indicators.

Car dashboard gauges and dials explained for learner driversCar Dashboard Gauges Explained

Prior to driving the car for the first time, you’ll need a basic understanding on your car’s dashboard gauges and dials. Here we explain those important gauges and dials.

Dashboard Warning Light Colours Explained for Learner DriversDashboard Warning Light Colours

When you’re setting out learning to drive, you’ll not be expected to know all warning lights, just a couple that are important for driving. Those lights are explained, along with what warning light colours mean.