Getting Started with Driving Automatic

Before you can start driving as a learner, you’ll need to be aware of all the legalities involved. Along with those questions, we also answer common questions related to taking driving lessons, learning to drive and answer frequently asked questions about automatic cars.

Driving an Automatic Car FAQ

Driving an Automatic Car FAQ

If you’re still unsure whether an automatic car is right for you, to help you decide, this is where we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about driving an automatic car.

Provisional Driving Licence FAQ

Provisional Driving Licence FAQ

The provisional driving licence section provides answers to frequently asked questions to the provisional licence.

Frequently asked questions by learner driver about automatic driving lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons FAQ

When starting out learning to drive, you’ll likely have many questions you’ll want to ask about automatic driving lessons. In this section we answer many of the frequently asked questions made by learner drivers about automatic driving lessons.

Learning to drive frequently asked questions

Learning to Drive FAQ

In this section, we cover many of the frequently asked questions about learning to drive, including questions specific for learning to drive in an automatic car.