Automatic Driving Test Tips

If you intend on taking the UK automatic practical driving test, this is where you can find plenty of tips and advice. This knowledge comes from experienced driving instructors who deal with automatic tests regularly.

Is the Automatic Driving Test Easier?

Is the Automatic Driving Test Easier?

Here we explain whether the automatic driving test is easier than the manual test and why many more test candidates are now choosing the automatic test over the manual test.

Can I Change My Driving Test from Manual to Automatic?

Can I Change My Driving Test from Manual to Automatic?

Many learner drivers being taught in a manual realise that they would prefer automatic. Here we explain how to change from the manal test to the automatic driving test and tips on how to do it.

Automatic Driving Test Pass Rates

Driving Test Pass Rates for Automatic Cars

Driving an automatic car is considered easier than a manual car due to there being no clutch and gears to learn. Does that mean automatic car driving test pass rates are higher?

L plates on a car

Can You Sit the Driving Test in your Own Car?

This article explains if you can sit the driving test in your own car and if so, what the examiner looks at and check on the car before the test begins. We'll also go over the rules outlined by the DVSA for using your own car on a driving test. Article also explains how to check your tyres before a driving test to ensure they're up to standard and avoid the test being terminated.

Article explaining if you can use the driving instructor's car for the driving test

Can I Use the Instructor’s Car for the Driving Test?

Here we explain if you can use the driving instructor's car to take the driving test in, along with the cost of using it and the benefits of using the instructor's car rather than using your own.

Man automatically failing driving test

What Would be an Automatic Fail on a Driving Test?

Many mistakes made during a practical driving test result in a (minor) fault, then there's those mistakes that can result in a serious or dangerous fault meaning an automatic fail. Here we look at the most common mistakes that result in an automatic test fail.

Top 10 Driving Test Fails Explained

Top 10 Driving Test Fails

In this article, we explain the top 10 driving test fails with the most common reasons why examiners fail driving tests, plus advice on how to avoid making those faults. Starting from number 1 being the most common failure of all.

Should I book a driving test if I'm not ready?

Should I Book a Driving Test if I’m Not Ready?

With driving test waiting times of several month at many test centres, it's now often a good idea to book a driving test even if you're not ready. Here we explain what you need to do to prepare for a future driving test date.