Automatic Car Driving Tutorials for Learner Drivers

This is your complete guide for learning to drive an automatic car. Complete tutorials from qualified driving instructors from start, right up to test standard.

Automatic Car Cockpit Drill Tutorial

Automatic Car Cockpit Drill

Complete guide to the cockpit drill procedure for automatic cars. Tutorial as taught by professionally qualified driving instructors, this cockpit drill will be your very first driving lesson.

Tutorial for learner driver for observation and mirrors

Observation and Setting the Mirrors

As a learner driver, passing the driving test and staying safe is paramount and this is achieved partly with effective observation. These tutorials cover all aspects of your car's mirrors and effective observation.

Hand, foot controls along with auxiliary controls explained for learning to drive

Hand, Foot and Auxiliary Car Controls

After learning the cockpit drill and setting the mirrors, you'll now need to move onto learning the foot controls, hand controls and auxiliary controls before driving the car.

Guides explaining how to plan ahead while learning to drive

Driving and Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is a crucial skill that's essential for learning to drive. This guide explains the key skills required for learning to drive; concentration, observation, awareness, anticipation and planning.