Observation and Setting the Mirrors

For learning to drive, passing the driving and and for remaining safe throughout your driving life, effective observation is a must. This section covers all aspects of observation.


Tutorial explaining what each of the car mirrors are calledWhat are the Mirrors Called in a Car

For new drivers, this tutorial explains what the mirrors in a car are called and with diagrams, it shows what you can see out of each mirror.


Different types of mirrors in your car explainedTypes of Mirrors in a Car Explained

Not all of the mirrors in your car are the same. This tutorial explains the difference between the flat mirrors and convex mirror along with a diagram illustrating what the driver sees.


Tutorial for car drivers on how to adjust your car mirrorsAdjusting your Car Mirrors

Whether you’re learning to drive or not sure how your car mirrors should be set, this tutorial explains how to adjust the rear view mirror and side mirrors with diagrams.


Tutorial explains how often you should check your mirrors when drivingHow Often You Should Check Mirrors When Driving

As a new, learner driver, it can be difficult to know how often you should check your mirrors when driving. This tutorial explains how often and why.


Guide and tutorial explaining what mirrors you should check while driving and when you should check themWhat Mirrors to Check and When

This guide explains what mirrors you need to check while driving and when you should check them based on your situation.


Car blind spot tutorial explaining where blind spots are and when to check themWhat is a Car Blind Spot and How to Check it

In order to drive safely and pass the driving test, it’s crucial that you understand where your car’s blind spots are and when and how to check them.