Welcome to Learn Automatic

Welcome to Learn Automatic

With automatic cars increasing in popularity over the traditional manual variety, more and more learner drivers are opting to take automatic driving lessons. With that in mind, Learn Automatic is a website dedicated to teaching everything automatic.

Starting Out Learning to Drive Automatic

Getting Started

Being able to drive is a skill that many of us aspire to achieve. It offers us the independence to do what we want, when we want. This Getting Started section offers answers to many questions such as licensing questions, types of driving courses that work best and tips for finding a good driving instructor.

If you’re still not quite sure whether automatic is for you, we’ll explain the benefits along with what you can expect to happen on your driving lessons.

Let’s Get Started
Automatic Driving Test Tutorials

Theory Test

Before you can take the practical driving test, you’ll need to pass the theory test. Based on what we frequently get asked by learner drivers, we answer many questions asked about the theory test.

More about the Theory Test
Automatic Driving Test Tutorials

Automatic Car Tutorials

This section provides all the tutorials you’ll need for learning to drive an automatic car. These are the same techniques used by professional driving instructors. Tutorials begin at the basics and finish at test standard.

Learn Automatic Tutorials
Automatic Driving Test

Automatic Driving Test

Learner drivers have many questions that need answering before taking the test. We already cover many questions asked about the automatic driving test, but if you want to ask us anything, feel free.

Automatic Driving Test Guide

Qualified Driver

You’ve passed the automatic driving test and are now a fully qualified driver. As a new driver, there’s still many years of learning ahead. Here you’ll find guides  and advice to help you stay safe on the UK’s increasingly busy roads.

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Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance & Features

Buying and maintaining a car is one of our most costly ongoing expenses. These expenses only increase when things go wrong. These guides offer advice for maintaining your car, plus an explanation of your car’s features.

Car Maintenance and Features