Learning Car Brakes and How to Use Them

When learning to drive, part of the learning process involves knowing how to safely stop the car. These tutorials off a basic understanding of how car brakes work and how to properly use them based on techniques that driving instructors teach. The following car brakes tutorials are intended primarily for those learning in vehicles with automatic transmission.

Car Brakes Explained Tutorial Guide

Car Brakes Explained

This guide will run you through the operation of a car’s brakes system. Starting from the foot brake and finishing at the wheels, you’ll learn the basics of how your car’s brakes work.

Which Pedal is the Brake in an Automatic Car Explained

Which Pedal is the Brake in an Automatic Car?

This tutorial explains which is the brake pedal in an automatic car along with a diagram and other frequently asked questions about the brake pedal.

Tutorial explains how to use the brake in an automatic car

How to Brake in an Automatic Car

Here we explain the correct technique used by many driving instructors on how to brake in an automatic car.

How to brake smoothly in an automatic car

Braking Smoothly in an Automatic Car

Using a little more advanced techniques, this tutorial explains how to brake smoothly in an automatic car, including the benefits of smooth braking.