Where are the Indicators on a Car and How to Use Them

On a car’s steering wheel column, there are two stalks, or ‘levers’ protruding; one on the left and another on the right. On most cars, the indicator stalk, also known as the ‘turn signal’ is the lever on the left.

If you are unsure which side of the steering wheel your indicator stalk is on, look for directional arrow symbols Indicators Symbol on the lever.

How to use your Car’s Indicators

The following video explains where your car indicators are and how to use them.

When to use your Car’s Indicators

You use your car’s indicators in good time to inform other road users and pedestrians that you intend on making a change of direction. You should indicate before carrying out such manoeuvres as:

  • Moving off from a parked position at the side of the road
  • Turning left or right
  • Changing lanes
  • Parking up at the side of the road

Cancelling your Indicators

When straightening the steering wheel after making a turn, indicators usually self-cancel. Sometimes however, they do not, so to avoid causing confusion to other road users, it’s important that you ensure they have cancelled just after completing the manoeuvre.

Driving test examiners are quite strict on use of indicators. Many driving tests are failed each year simply due to a test candidate forgetting to check that the indicators have cancelled.

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