Due to the incredibly long driving test waiting times at many test centres, the traditional method of booking a driving test only when you’re ready to take it, is no longer the normal procedure that it once was.

Due to these long waiting times, many test candidates are now booking tests well in advance of being test-ready and this can dictate how many driving lessons you should take a week.

How Many Driving Lessons Should I Take a Week?

If like most, you are pre-booking your driving test well in advance of you being test ready, you’ll then need to schedule in sufficient weekly driving lessons so that you’ll be prepared as your test day arrives.

It’s important to speak to your driving instructor about this. Driving instructors are quite accurate at assessing a leaner driver’s ability and after a lesson or two, can confidently predict how many hours you’ll need to become test-ready.

Work with your driving instructor on booking a driving test to ensure that they can accommodate the test date in their diary. Then, based on the instructor’s assessment of how many lessons you’ll need, work out a weekly driving lesson plan all the way up to your test date. This way, you’ll know exactly how many driving lessons you’ll need each week.

A driving instructor’s diary can quickly become full, so the benefit of planning your weekly driving lessons up to your test date means you can feel confident in the knowledge that you have lessons booked each and every week.

Booking A Driving Test When You’re Test-Ready

If you prefer the traditional method of booking a driving test only when the driving instructor tells you that you’re test-ready, you’ll then have the benefit of being able to decide how many driving lessons you want to take each week.

However, you want to get the most out of your driving lessons and learn as much as possible, in the time that you have, so there are some important things to consider when planning your weekly driving lesson schedule:

One or Two Hour Driving Lessons?

A single 2 hour driving lesson is better value than two separate 1 hour lessons and this is because you’ll learn more. Each time you have a driving lesson, an amount of time is taken for recapping on what you did on the previous lesson, which quickly eats up the short time of a 1 hour lesson. The instructor then also needs to explain what you’ll be doing on today’s lesson. By the time this is all complete, there’s not much time left.

Additionally, on a 2 hour lesson, you’ll be able to cover a greater variety of road types that 1 hour lesson, you may not have time to reach (distance wise).

For a greater explanation of this, see Is it better to have a 1 or 2 hour driving lesson?

Consistency Is Important

Driving instructors will also tell you that consistency is important. Dropping in and out of driving lessons and missing lessons here and there has a severe impact on your learning progress.

By not being consistent with weekly driving lessons, you’ll find that you need to spend a considerable amount of time going over what you what you have done in previous lessons. Not only does this impact on your learning progress, but financially it’s likely to cost more due to more lessons needed.

To gain the most from your driving lessons both in terms of learning progress and value for money, it’s recommended that you take at least a single 2 hour driving lesson per week and where possible, to remain consistent with your weekly lessons.

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