Learning to Drive Frequently Asked Questions about Automatic Cars

Learning to Drive FAQ

This section deals specifically with learning to drive and many of the frequently asked questions by new drivers. We’ll also cover questions asked specifically about learning to drive in an automatic car.


Legal Eyesight Requirements for Driving UKLegal Eyesight Requirements for Driving UK

By law, every driver either learner or qualified must meet a certain minimum standard of eyesight visual acuity. Here we explain what that is and how to tell if you need glasses for driving.

L-plate rules for learner driversL Plate Rules for Learner Drivers

Becoming a learner driver means displaying L plates. Here we explain the L plate rules, where to best place L plates on your car, the different types of L plates and details for printing your own.

Is It Easier to Learn to Drive an Automatic Car?Is It Easier to Learn to Drive an Automatic Car?

For those that are about to start learning to drive or those who are already learning in a manual car, we look at whether it’s easier to learn to drive in an automatic car.

Help for new drivers scared of learning to driveI’m Scared about Learning to Drive

It’s common for new drivers to be scared at the thought of learning to drive. As experienced driving instructors, we’ve compiled the best tips and advice for those that are nervous, anxious and scared of learning to drive.

Guide explaining if it's difficult learning to driveIs it Difficult to Learn to Drive?

This guide explains if it’s difficult learning to drive and details the various skills required for the learner driver to master. The guide also explains how to make learning to drive easier.

Rules for who can sit next to a learner driverWho Can Sit Next to a Learner Driver?

There are of course rules for both the supervising driver and for the learner driver. Here we explain the rules for who can sit next to a learner driver, along with many more frequently asked questions about supervising learner drivers and what learner drivers can legally do.

Article explaining 6 reasons why you should learn to drive in an automatic6 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Drive Automatic

Deciding whether to learn to drive in a manual or an automatic can be a difficult decision to make. To make things easier, here’s 6 reasons why you should learn to drive in an automatic car.