Learning UK Road Signs

With the hundreds of road signs on UK roads, it can be difficult to remember them all. But learning UK road signs is essential for passing both the theory test and the practical driving test.


UK Road Sign Shape Meaning TutorialRoad Sign Shape Meanings

To start learning UK road signs, we’ll begin with the different road sign shapes. The shape of a road sign is important as they all mean different things. We’ll also explain the various colours that each shape may be displayed in.

Road signs shapes quizRoad Sign Shape Quiz

After learning about the various UK road sign shapes, what they mean along with their colours, take the quick road sign shape quiz. There’s only 10 questions to test your knowledge and you’ll know if you got the answer right or wrong right away.

UK speed limit signs explainedSpeed Limit Signs Explained

One of the most common signs you’ll see on UK roads are speed limit signs. Learn the difference between mandatory and recommended speed limits, minimum and maximum speed limits, plus the national speed limit for various roads.

Speed limit road sign quizSpeed Limit Signs Quiz

Once you have finished reading about UK speed limit signs and the national speed limits for roads, take the speed limit signs quiz. 10 questions to test yourself on speed limit signs and national speed limits.