Understanding the various speed limit signs and national speed limits of UK roads is of course essential to passing the theory and practical driving test. Once you’ve finished reading about speed limit signs, test your knowledge by taking this speed limit signs quiz.

It’s a quick quiz with only 10 multiple choice questions related to speed limit signs and national speed limits. You’ll know right away if you get the answers right or wrong.

Speed Limit Signs Quiz

To start the speed limit road signs quiz, simply choose your answer and select next. Once you’ve selected your answer, the highlighted green (correct) and red (incorrect) will immediately inform you of whether you selected the correct or incorrect answer.

#1. A motorway is a straight and wide road designed for high speed traffic. What is the national speed limit on a motorway?


#2. What is the maximum amount of penalty points you can receive for a speeding offence?


#3. This Max speed 30 sign means:


#4. Per mile travelled, what is the most dangerous road type in the UK?


#5. When driving a car, what is the national speed limit of a dual carriageway?


#6. What must you do when you see this sign?


#7. If you’re still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence is revoked when you receive how many points?


#8. Unless there are signs showing otherwise, what is the speed limit for a dual carriageway that has street lights?


#9. When driving on a motorway, the overhead gantry for your lane shows this sign. You:


#10. When driving a car, what is the national speed limit of single carriageway?



2 thoughts on “Speed Limit Signs Quiz”

  1. Why don’t you show the correct result when you fail a question? It would be easier to remember if you could see both positive and negative results together.

    1. Hi jon,
      If you fail a question, the wrong answer is highlighted in red and the correct answer is highlighted in green.

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