Do You Need to Pass Theory Test Before Driving Lessons?

No, you do not need to pass the theory test before taking driving lessons. Most learner drivers prefer to have the theory test passed and done with as soon as possible, but combining theory test study and learning to drive can be hugely beneficial and increase your chances of passing the theory test first time.

Studying for the Theory Test While Learning to Drive

With a national theory test pass rate of 47.7 percent, it means a little over half of all candidates who sit the theory test will fail it. That means more studying from books and DVDs, more time spent and more expense due to paying for another theory test.

You can increase your chances of passing the theory test first time by combining your theory test study with driving lessons from a qualified driving instructor. While studying the theory test from books and DVDs is important, combining this with real-world situations that occur on driving lessons helps significantly.

How Will Driving Lessons Help Me to Pass the Theory Test?

Throughout the ongoing process of driving lessons, your driving instructor will teach you many rules of the road that will help you with those tricky theory test questions. Additionally, driving instructors are always happy to answer any theory test questions you may put to them. During your driving lessons, the knowledge you’ll gain to help you pass the theory test will include:

  • Road traffic signs, their meaning and their regulations
  • Road markings, their meanings and their regulations
  • Many road traffic rules and regulations
  • An increase in your hazard awareness to help you with the hazard perception part of the theory test

Though you don’t need to have passed the theory test before taking driving lessons, before rushing in to book your theory test, certainly consider taking some driving lessons first. A few extra questions answered correctly could be the difference between a theory test pass and fail.

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