Test Centres with Lowest Automatic Pass Rates

These are the official DVSA statistics for practical driving test centres that have the lowest automatic pass rates in the UK. Statistics were last updated August 2021.

Driving Test Centre Test Pass Rate
Bury (Manchester) 23.7%
Monmouth 24.0%
East Kilbride 25.0%
Erith (London) 25.6%
Wolverhampton 25.6%
Belvedere (London) 26.9
Launceston 27.0%
Birmingham (South Yardley) 27.4%
Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) 28.8%
Sevenoaks 29.2%

Latest figures show that you have less than one in four chances of passing the automatic driving test in some of the UK’s busiest driving test centres. Test centres with the lowest automatic pass rates often tend to be in busy, city-based locations where traffic density is high.

Along with high traffic volumes and many impatient drivers, test centres with low automatic pass rates typically have test candidates dealing with complex road systems such as multi-lane roundabouts and junctions. These driving conditions are often challenging for experienced drivers with a full licence, let alone inexperienced learner drivers.

Should I Avoid Test Centres with Low Pass Rates?

If you are going to be booking a driving test in the near future, it’s understandable that test centres with a low automatic pass rates may not fill you with confidence.

Test candidates at busy city-based test centres certainly face greater challenges than those who book at test centres with the highest automatic pass rates. Unlike city-based test centres, those with the higher pass rates tend to be in less busy areas. However, you can beat the odds if you’re well prepared.

Many driving tests are failed simply because the candidate wasn’t well prepared. Being well prepared not only means that you have a high standard of driving and can confidently carry out all manoeuvres, but it also means you have practiced the driving test routes for your test centre.

While learning to drive, practicing on the very roads that your test will be conducted on significantly increases your chances of passing. Examiners specifically devise test routes that involve not only varied road types and traffic systems, but also intentionally have some of the most challenging roads in the area.

If you haven’t yet practiced the test routes for any particular test centre, it may be worth looking at alternative test centres that are in a quieter location and that have a higher automatic test pass rate.

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