Can I Change My Driving Test from Manual to Automatic?

Yes, you can change your driving test from manual to automatic. To change your driving test from manual to automatic, all you need to do is to take your driving test in an automatic car.

There’s no need to inform the DVSA or your test centre of anything, just turn up for your driving test in a automatic car. On your driving test report sheet, the examiner will write ‘B’ (for cars) in the category type box and tick the ‘Auto’ box indicating that the test is being conducted in a automatic car.

Why Change from Manual to Automatic?

Many learner drivers start taking driving lessons in manual cars often because they’ve been told it’s the best option to take. Only several driving lessons in, they realise that getting to grips with learning clutch control and manual gears really isn’t for them.

Should I Change from Manual to Automatic?

If you’re currently in the dilemma of wondering whether to change your driving test from manual to automatic, then there really isn’t any reason why not. But only do so if your’re already driving manual and have given it a good try. The reason being is that changing cars and instructors can be a setback in itself. So if you’ve come to the conclusion that manual really isn’t for you, go for it and make the switch to automatic.

If you do pass the driving test in a automatic, then you can only drive automatic or semi-automatic cars. The good news is that there are now many automatic cars on the market to choose from, so by opting for an automatic licence, you’re really not restricting yourself in any way.

Tips for Changing from Manual to Automatic

With changing over from a manual to automatic car, the biggest difference you’ll notice is of course the lack of manually operated gears and clutch.

Being as it’s a different car, it will take a little time to familiarise yourself with the controls and how the car drives. Your previous manual instructor may have introduced reference points. Reference points are markers that help you to understand where you are in a particular situation and often used in manoeuvres. You may find that with a different car, you may have to relearn some reference points.

To help with minimising the impact on learning in a new car, try to locate a driving instructor that uses the same make and model of car as your previous instructor did. It’ll still take a little getting used to, but will also have familiarity.

Additionally, your new instructor may use a slightly different teaching technique. This is to be expected and there’s not an awful lot you can do about it, but being prepared for this change will help to alleviate any unexpected surprises.

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