Test Centres with Highest Automatic Pass Rates

These are the official DVSA statistics for practical driving test centres that have the highest automatic pass rates in the UK. Statistics were last updated August 2021.

Driving Test Centre Test Pass Rate
Pwllheli 80.0%
Hexham 75.0%
Arbroath 73.7%
Bridlington 72.7%
Inverurie 71.4 %
Shrewsbury 69.7%
Yeovil 68.8%
Brecon 68.4%
Wellingborough 66.7%
Kendal 65.2%

Many of the test centres listed are located in quiet locations and receive very few test candidates, particularly automatic test candidates when compared with those located in busy towns and cities which typically have the lowest automatic driving test pass rates.

As such, the automatic test centre pass rates listed above are very changeable with the addition of just one or two test failures or passes. However, what this does show is that test centres located in areas with less traffic density consistently have higher pass rates compared with those in busy areas.

This data stands to reason because there simply will not be the same complex road systems and increased number of hazards that occur at busy test centres.

Should I Book a Driving Test at a Test Centre with High Pass Rates?

The overall automatic driving test pass rate for all test centres combined is a lowly 39.4% and these high pass rates makes booking a driving test at a rural test centre rather appealing. After all, you can be up to twice as likely to pass the test.

There are some benefits to booking a driving test at a test centre with high pass rates. Although the test is generally the same wherever you go, the driving test routes at rural test centres will be less complex and easier to drive on.

You will however need to consider how far away the test centre is from where you live as you’ll still need to practice in the area where your test will be taken.

Another benefit of booking a driving test at a rural test centre is that waiting times will often be far less than at busier test centres. Test waiting times vary throughout the year and at busy test centres, there’s often waiting times of 8 weeks or more. If you’re in a hurry to pass your driving test, you may find that a less busy test centre can accommodate your test is two weeks or less.

Realistically, many of these test centres are simply too far and remote to consider booking a test at, but with a little research, you may find a test centre that may not be your nearest, but may be worth booking a test at due to higher pass rates and easier test routes.

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