How Long Do You Have to Wait Between Driving Tests

If you fail a practical driving test, you will need to wait 10 working days before you’re eligible to book another test.

Why Do You Have to Wait 10 Days Between Driving Tests?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has implemented the 10 day waiting rule to allow learner drivers sufficient time to undergo additional training and and to improve on any faults they received during the driving test. However, under new DVSA proposals, the 10 day waiting rule is set to be extended.

28 Days Wait Between Driving Tests

Under new proposals, the DVSA would like to extend the amount of time test candidates have to wait before being able to book another car driving test after failing one from 10 working days, to 28 working days.

The DVSA claim that with around half of all driving tests failed, due to the longer waiting times, it will reduce the number candidates attempting the test when they’re not ready. They also state that it will allow more time for learner drivers to take additional training before taking the test again.

This does make sense because driving instructors are often fully booked for the following week or two and having to wait 28 days should allow the leaner sufficient time for corrective tuition. However, the real reason for this is more likely to do with the DVSA’s attempt to cut the huge waiting list for test candidates trying to book a test.

Many test centres, particularly those in busy city locations are almost immediately fully booked just as soon as a new batch of test slots become available. If you’re lucky enough to get yourself a test booking, in some areas you can be expected to wait up to 6 months before the day of your test comes round. If however you’re willing to look at alternative test centres, you may be able to book a test with just a few weeks to wait.

If the current rule for 10 days waiting time, to 28 working days were to be agreed, this change would only apply to car driving tests. The current rules would stay the same for:

  • Theory tests
  • Motorcycle tests
  • Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and bus driving tests
  • Approved driving instructor (ADI) tests

What Are the DVSA’s Working Days?

The DVSA’s working days are Monday to Saturday, so you can discount Sundays when working out how long you need to wait before you can resit your next test.

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