Do Driving Instructors Come to your House?

Yes, driving instructors come to your house to begin your driving lessons and will finish each driving lesson by dropping you off back to your house. Driving instructors pick you up from the location set from your initial booking, usually your home. Once the instructor has arrived, they may text, call you or knock on your door.

If you need to be somewhere else at the end of a lesson, perhaps college or work for example, driving instructors are usually happy to take you to an alternative location than your home, providing it’s not too far out of their way.

As you start out learning to drive, driving instructors usually drive you home from the area where they conduct driving tuition, unless of course you happen to already live in a suitable area for novice tuition. As you gain more driving experience and increased confidence, as part of the lesson, you’ll begin to drive yourself home, or to an alternative location if preferred.

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