How Long Does a Provisional Licence take to be Delivered?

How long it takes for your provisional driving licence to be delivered depends on how you applied for it. If you applied for your provisional licence:

  • online, you should receive it within one week
  • by post, you should receive it within three weeks

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are responsible for processing all provisional driving licences.  Your provisional driving licence may be delayed if the DVLA require additional information.

If the DVLA require additional information, it’s due to them needing proof of identity and may require you attaching a passport style photo, additional documents that can prove your identity and a signature. In this situation, the DVLA usually posts you a form that will require you filling out and returning. There’s no additional fee for this.

Why has my Provisional Licence Not Arrived?

If your provisional still hasn’t arrived, the DVLA provide a tracking service that displays the status of your licence application. To access the tracking service, you’ll need your application reference number.

The tracking status will remain as ‘in progress’ until your documents have been processed and your licence has been issued (Transaction completed: License issued). When you receive this message, your licence has been issued and should arrive in the post in a day or so.

There are certain times of the year, particularly around holidays when the DVLA are more busy than usual and as such, there could be longer delays. If several weeks have passed and you’re still unable to find out why your licence has not arrived, contact the DVLA:

DVLA Driving Licence Enquiries
Telephone: 0300 790 6801
DVLA are available to call from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM and on Saturdays, 8 AM to 4 PM. If you prefer, you can email the DVLA using their contact form.

Sending the DVLA your Documents

If the DVLA have requested that you send them important documents for proof of identification, it’s recommended that you send them via an option that allows you to track your parcel. It’s not uncommon for the DVLA to lose documents, so by using a tracked delivery, you’ll know it has arrived.

154 thoughts on “How Long Does a Provisional Licence take to be Delivered?”

  1. Hello my name is ANJU DEVI
    i have send and submitted my provisional license
    Application with my BRP card on 18th may.And trackimg system show that documents has arrived in dvla on 19th may.
    But my BRP and LICENSE has not arrived yet now.
    Please can you clear me about the delay.

    1. Learn Automatic

      Hi Anju,
      Due to the pandemic, the DVLA have had reduced staff, so they have been a little slower than usual. Unfortunately, the DVLA do also have a reputation for misplacing items. I would contact them directly and ask for an update.

      Contact DVLA

      1. Ayoola Johnson famakinde

        I have send my provisional driving license since May 2021 for changing of address till now I haven’t received it
        I have tried calling them several times can’t reach them
        Can anyone tell me what I can do regarding this

      1. I sent my first license application on the 03/02/21 and today 24/08/21 I have been advised it has finally been issued.

    2. I have also the same problem
      Plz tell me how much time it will take and when will I receive my brp
      I had apply on 5 july and they received my application on 6th July but I haven’t get my brp plztell me.

      1. Hi
        I posted my provisinal licence by secure post on 12th of August 2022.
        My inspector wants that but I didn’t receive it yet.
        With regards
        Nazy Movahedi

    3. hi do anyone knows I apply provisional driving licence and also I send it my BRP card its been 4 weeks they not sending me back my BRP card yet Don’t know what’s going on now show Transaction Completed: Licence issued what that’s mean ?

    4. Did anyone from here, receive their documents and driving license yet?????? We all are in the same loophole please confirm for ease of stress if you’ll have received. Thank you.

      1. I sent my provisional license form and documents before Christmas im still waiting for my license and documents to come back. Can somebody tell me why I haven’t received them? Thanks

    5. Hello my name is Mdsaidul amin
      i have send and submitted my provisional license
      Application with my BRP card on 3th may.And trackimg system show that documents has arrived in dvla on 5th may.
      But my BRP and LICENSE has not arrived yet now.
      Please can you clear me about the delay.

    6. Hi,

      I applied for my provisional licence via post office bot online. I filled the form and have submitted close to three weeks now and up till now haven’t seen it yet.
      Please can you help

    7. I’m having the same problem, sent my provisional application form and important documents two weeks ago however tracking my application states that dvla have not received my application form, I’m concerned that my documents have been lost. Who do I contact about this?

  2. Hello,
    My name is SYAM SASI.I have send my BRP card with provisional application form on june 7th and its almost one month time and my BRP and provisional licence not arrived yet now.
    Please check the matter and do the needful

    1. I sent yous postal order for 65pounds to replace my provisional licence and I’ve heard nothing from yous that was about 6weeks ago

        1. Hi I m komalpreet Kaur I applied the dvla provisional license on 16th July with passport nd BRP.
          But not received yet.. Pls tell me when will be received my original documents and provisional license.

          1. Hi,
            The DVLA are slowly catching up the the backlog of applicants. The DVLA state that it takes up to 4 weeks, but realistically it is taking longer. Best to phone them first thing in the morning if you can.

      1. Same I sent my application 24/9/21 and up to now I haven’t received email and called and called no response should they send you email just to let you know your application is in process I can’t even track it .

  3. Ingyin Yadanar

    Hello My name is Ingyin Yadanar
    I have send and submitted my provisional license Application with my Passport and BRP card on 12 June 2021.And tracking system show that documents has arrived in dvla on 13 June 2021.
    But my Passport,BRP and LICENSE has not arrived yet now.
    Please can you clear me about the delay.

    1. Hi
      I applied for my 1st provisional liscense 2months ago. When I tracked it showing awaiting return form. Could you let me know what happened with my passport and BRP card and driving liscense.
      please I want my passport urgent plz

        1. But did they return your passport or BRP card which was sent along the application form? as per DVLA website, it says, they will return the ID document prior to sending the provisional license.

      1. Hello, my name is Salah Adama Keita.
        I applied my licence with my ID card 25th October 2021 .I track my licence, it shows your documents have arrived 26th October 2021 in dvla,But my ID and provisional have not arrived yet. Without my ID card. I am enabled to do a job.Can you please inform me whats happen.Thanks.

    2. Why did you send your passport as well as BRP. i believe they only need one of the document to process your 1st provisional license. correct me if i am wrong?

  4. Hello my name is pukar Sapkota i send the application form and my BRP card together after filling the form but the problem is after sending brp card and application form i have been shift to another house it have been more than 1 month i donot know how can i get my provisional licence and my brp card in my new address can anyone can help me please

    1. Hello Dvla ,please update licence information on tracking system then coustmer know progress because this government website but no have update system, I apply first provisional driving licence 9 June and send all I’d documents and royal mail delivered 15 June but when I chek online your website there stuck one please waiting return documents so if you received documents then why not update in your system

  5. Aiyla Wijayakoon

    Hello my name is Aiyla Wijayakoon
    I applied for my provisional licence on 21st May and submitted any additional documents in early June.
    My licence has still not arrived yet.
    Please let me know when it will arrive, as it has been almost 6 weeks now
    Thank you

  6. Hello my name is Rebecca I have been waiting on my provisional licence for over 2 months now and am in urgent need of it due to getting a car to learn to drive on and having lessons booked. I have tried calling DVLA, live chats and email but nothing has happened my application says still waiting on documents which I have tracked and they have been delivered.
    If you could email me any advice it would be much appreciated thankyou 🙂

    1. Learn Automatic

      Hi Rebecca,
      The DVLA has a few issues at the moment. Recent industrial action strikes have impacted application processing. That along with reduced staff due to the pandemic means there’s a huge backlog with processing applications. There will be long delays and unfortunately, it’s just a case of waiting I’m afraid. The DVLA state that there’s an 8 to 10 week wait for applications to be processed, but it appears to be longer in reality.

    2. Hi Rebecca, I’m facing exact same issue, it’s been almost 2 months since my application and still the tracking system says waiting for return form, I think I pretty normal due to the pandemic, as a family member of an EU citizen I’ve only sent them my EU SETTLEMENT share code and not Passport or BRC, hope that would be enough for them.

      1. I have waited for 4 months guys and its been issued but not turned up as yet. Its a long wait unfortunately you will have to contact them after the 10 week is up.
        I had issues sent my paperwork back then 3 week later i get all my applications back saying need my id again. Thankfully a lovely women called Gemma Evans sorted it as all the id was ticked off on my application in red so none of it made sense. Just waiting now for my licence to turn up.

      2. Hi am balkar chand my parvisnol license
        1 month go no delivery my BRP and my passport
        Original document ,
        No come back
        Please reply 🙏 my new job starts

  7. I sent my documents and my brp in on the 13th of May and still haven’t received any updates, I need to know if they’ve lost it or not but no one at DVLA is picking up, webchat disconnects every time and emails just give me very generic replies. I need to know if they have lost my docs because I need to reapply for travelling. Please is there anything else I can do?

    1. Learn Automatic

      Hi Joanna,
      Unfortunately there’s lots of others in exactly in the same situation and there’s really not much you can do until the DVLA get on top of it.

  8. Hello
    My name is Hirenkumar Patel. I hvae send my BRP card with provisional license application form in 5th May but still both are not arrived.
    Please check the matter and do it fast
    Thank you

    1. Hi Hiren.
      This is something you’ll need to follow up with the DVLA. They do currently have a huge backlog of applications and paperwork which is why there are long delays.

  9. Ilie Lacramioara

    Hi sir madam I apply online previsional license address change but not receive my previsional license what happens tell me thx very much

    1. Hello,

      I have applied by post to change the address on my license, DVLA has received the license on 17 July according to Royal mail tracking system.
      Until today, I have not received anything by post!! It should take 1 week to 10 days to process!

      Have you received your licence?



  10. I ordered my application form for my provisional driving license and I ordered that on 14th of July and dead line to hand it in was 21 and I still haven’t received it been a month

  11. Hello my name is Joy. I submitted my application on the 31 of may and up till date have not heard anything from dvla , and anytime I tried to track the progress of my application it’s say you can only view transactions that has been initiated online, that I don’t have any transactions to view. Can somebody please explain what this mean because I’m loosing it at the moment I don’t know what to do. I helped other people to do there own and they can check the progress of there application so why is my own different?..

  12. I’ve applied for my provisional licence about 7 weeks ago and still haven’t received my provisional licence and my BRP I’ve tried to contact DVLA but they not picking up and I need my BRP to travel in 2 weeks I want to know if they lost it or they’ve not received my documents thank you.

  13. Hi my name is hamid
    It’s been more than 1 month I didn’t receive any provisional licence or any new regarding.. it says in process awaiting application return form

  14. Hi
    My name is Jamil Munayem I’ve applied for my provisional licence 9 weeks ago and haven’t received it yet, the DVLA are not picking up also.

    1. Did they sent you confirmation email saying that they got your application because I haven’t received anything from them I sent my application on September 24/21

  15. Amber Roy-Stanley

    Hello my name is Amber Roy-Stanley and I received a letter asking for a passport photo, which I sent on the 1st of July first class and should have been received on 2nd July.

    It has been over a month since and I am yet to receive my provisional , I need it soon as my birthday is round the corner.
    I have sent a letter to DVLA too to ask them what has happened,
    My tracking says it’s in progress.

  16. Hello, my name is Gagandeep kaur. I applied my licence with my brp card on 2nd of july . I track my licence , it shows your documents have arrived on 3rd of july in dvla. But my brp and provisional have not arrived yet. Without my brp card i am enable to do a job. Can you please inform me whats happen. Thanks.

      1. Hello pls. help us. Soon we have to travel to India. As my my mother is unwell.
        We hv applied our daughter provisional driving licence and sent her original passport to dvla.
        It’s being more than 10 months now. We are really worried now. Should we police complain?
        Because, we don’t understand. If it lost or delay.

  17. I applied for my provisional licence over nine weeks ago now and there are no updates. I’ve tried to call but every single time the line is busy. My 17th birthday is two days away and i would’ve liked to have started to drive by that point. I’m quite frustrated as I haven’t got anything back from the DVLA at all: no phone calls, no emails and the webchat isn’t helpful either. Please give me an update ASAP

  18. Hello,

    My name is Diego. I have sent the filled form around a month ago, and still saying on the website ‘In Progress: Awaiting Application Return Form’. Is it normal? How long usually takes?

    Many thanks in advance

  19. Hai
    I have applied for my provisional license on aug 3rd and posted the application along with my BRP card . There is no response till now and I need my BRP back urgently for my job. Can anyone guide me how to sort out this issue.

  20. I have applied for my provisional license on 18 of june
    But I still haven’t received anything yet , what can I do now, I really need that


    Hey Andy im in the same situation as you, applied on June 28th, sent my documents in a week later and had them returned telling me they had been verified three weeks ago but had heard nothing on my licence which i am in need of for a DBS check!

  22. I find many of the comments and asking for action odd as they appear to think Learn-Automatic is part of the DVLA when it isn’t. Due to both the Covid, the fact that over 2000 staff members during that time were not at work or working from home, and since then union action due to how DVLA Centre staff were treated during the lockdown, etc there is a significant delay. My daughter has been waiting since early July for her provisional licence and it shows on the DVLA site as still in progress. Yes you can check the progress of your application on their website and me thinks that it is likely to be October before she sees it. Driving and Motorcycle training schools are reporting the provisional licence application are well behind and expect a delay of three months from application to receipt.

  23. Hi there I applied for my provisional license on the 5th May and still have no received it and can not track it what do I do as it has been months now.
    Thank you Kacie

  24. Can someone help me, I ordered my first provisional license back in June and it hasn’t arrived and its now September, I don’t know if it went missing in the post or what but i cant order a new form because it says I already had one sent to me.

    1. Hi Martin,
      There currently up to a 10 week delay in processing licence applications. If it’s been longer than this, contact the DVLA, though it can be difficult getting through.

  25. Hi my name is Danish Riaz Ditta Yasmin

     i send my licence for change my photo and address on my licence its over 8 week

    and i m still waiting for my pratical test is comming soon on 27 sep can you pleas tell me about  my licence when its will arrive pleas help me with find out 

    Thank you

  26. Hi my name us Susan I posted my application for a provisional licence on the 24th July 2021 but ok haven’t received it back please I need my id thanks a lot for your hard working I know you are busy but I can’t do anything without my I’d many regards Susan S Mponda stay blessed 🙏

  27. Hello my name is Muhammad zeeshan i did apply on 20 june 2021 my provisional with my brp card both did not came yet i want too change my post address can you post on different house because i dont living there now

  28. Hello Sir/madam, I made an application for provisional driving licence for Bus, which the application was made by my employer on 25th of August and posted on the same day. But I haven’t yet received my reference number and the provisional driving license has still not arrived as well. I don’t even have any access to track.
    So please is there any advice. Cos the company is requesting at least a slip or a proof so that I can start my induction.
    Thank you

  29. Hari Namachchivayam

    Hello my name is Hari I have been waiting on my provisional licence for a month now and am in urgent need of it due to getting a car to learn to drive on and having lessons booked. When i go to track my provsional license website – it says you need a 14 number reference number, but the receipt i got from the post office to post my provisoanl license has a 13 number reference number so i cant track my provisoanl iicense and its been a month now.
    If you could email me any advice it would be much appreciated thank you.

    1. on the provisional website, when it asks for the reference number, it is not the tracking number from the post office (that number is for tracking on the post offices website where the package is). To find the provisional reference number, once you applied for a provisional, they sent you a confirmation email (whatever email you have given them) and there you will find written the reference number, that is for the provisional website tracking thingy. So use that. If you have a lot of emails and cant find it, just go to your emails and in search put DVLA and it should pop up. 😉

  30. Hello, well where do I start ? I ordered my provisional driving license over a month ago. I understand there’s a 10 week waiting list HOWEVER this is the country’s DRIVING APPLICATION SYSTEM ? I know that people have waited over 2 YEARS to be on the road. It’s not just about being on the road, it’s about people’s lives dramatically improving due to opportunity a car opens up. As a member of the DVLA with over 40 million driving records, you should take action. This is NOT OKAY. I understand there has been a pandemic but you need to understand that the 1000s if not 100,000s of people are waiting to get on the road, and giving people replies like “it’s just a case of waiting “ 😩even with a pandemic the DVLA is clearly in crisis. So I would like to ask, what are the DVLA actually trying to do to resolve the HUGE BACKLOG of applications? Hiring more staff or sending staff home not to work at home ? Or even staff not turning up to work ? I know this isn’t your fault as a whole but it’s your responsibility and YOUR JOB to resolve this issue effectively and efficiently.

    1. I know right? I understand due to the situation thats happening all around the world, there will be delays, but they should still communicate with us. If they are that low on staff and cant keep up, they should atleast update us on whats going on. I cant call, i cant email them, I cant do a live webchat with them. there is no way in contacting them. i have no idea if i will ever get to see my id again. if they were the ones giving someone their ID, im pretty sure they would have to wait more then 2 months and not being able to contact as whats going on. :/

  31. I applied for my stepsons provisional on 19 Apr 2021 , havent heard anything or can even contact them to find a status , very frustrating !!

  32. Hi i passed my driving test 28 June 2021 examiner asked you want to change your address on ur license I said yes he told me fill the form and send ur provisional through post office I post to SA99 1BN on 29 June 2021
    Post office tracking slip ref number is WD014204689GB I called helpline but no one respond no one attend call I don’t received back my licence I’m tense I need my licence for job please check these details and get back to me what happened.please advice me

  33. Hello my name is Stefan and I sent out my provisional form the one on paper paid 65 pounds for it and it’s been 2 months and I’ve not Hurd a thing on it’s we’re abouts. Thanks

  34. I applied and sent off my documents on the 15th of July and it is currently the 22nd of September and I’ve still not received my provisional. I got sent back my birth certificate just over a month ago but still not received my provisional. When I try to track it online, it says that your still wait for my application even though I’ve been sent back my birth certificate. There was a minor mistake that my middle names was the wrong way around but we put a note in the envelope pointing out this issue for it to be changed. We have tried using the contact number for over two weeks but always get hung up on and its starting to become super frustrating as my 18th is in December and I’m worried I won’t have my provisional back to use as my I’d. Any help would be appreciated, Keiran

  35. Could you please explain why my 1st provisional licence has taken so long to process i applied back in April we are now nearly in October . Any update would be appreciated.

  36. Akhonamandla Ndhlovu

    Hello I sent my brp and passport on the 23rd of August and I haven’t received any feedback from dvla. I didn’t know I had to use a special envelope but paid extra money at the post office which I thought was meant to make the divert special. So am currently very worried because need to present my visa at my new work place but it’s in that post. Please help.

  37. i have applied my first provisional license at 21june and get back my identity dacuments at 11th Aug and they said my dvla will come after two weeks but now it’s about 7 weeks i don’t get anything.

  38. Kumzuksangla longkumer

    My provisional license is not arrived and it’s past more then 12 weeks…
    Your phone line is never available, online tracking system is not giving any result.
    Now I am going to move to new address where are you going to mail my provisional lincence??
    How can I update my new mailing address??
    Please help..

  39. Hi
    I Had applied for my provision licence on 17th of August 2021 form post office with my passport and BRP and stilI I didn’t get licance/my documents yet
    So please can you guide me what so I do further
    Thank you.

  40. this is outrageous, I have sent my documents including my ID in august, I checked tracking and it shows they got it on the 10th of August, since then I don’t know whats going on. I understand due to covid there will be delays, but atleast they could keep us updated. And it says not to send ID if you are planning to travel sometime now, but noone would figure that ,,sometime now,, means more then 2 months. This is horrible service, I tried calling but the operator keeps saying ,,sorry we are busy,, and hangs up on me, i tried emaling them a message but no response. Like what the hell???? If I knew it would take this long for a freakin provisional I would have just flown back to my country and gotten within 3 weeks a normal driving license. not this bullsh*t. It is so rude, I sent my ID!!!! you cannot treat people like this, all of us are worried what is going on with our ids. worst experience in my life. WORST!!!!!!! There is NO WAY of contacting them!!! NO WAY!! you just have to send them your id and wait…can take 2 months,,,,even a year..but you cannot contact them. Whoever is reading this, DO NOT APPLY FOR PROVISIONAL if you have to send your id. They do not care, they will give it back to you when they feel like it.

    1. Hi Radka

      Did you receive your brp back now? I sent my application around the same time but haven’t received mine back.

  41. I have sent my BRP and the paper form on 27th Aug. I sent via a 2nd class signed post (Royal Mail). In royal mail website it shows delivered on 28th Aug with a signature. However DVLA website still shows In progress- waiting for paper application.
    DVLA phone number does not work. Chat function does not work. The contact by form has no text box to write my query, they just capture the information.
    What should I do? Any suggestions

  42. Hi I’m Zoey
    I’ve send my paper form with my passport pictures on the 15th May and I still haven’t got any other information back and I am still waiting for my provisional license to arrive. And I couldn’t track it.

  43. Hi
    I applied for my 1st provisional liscense 2months ago. When I tracked it showing awaiting return form. Could you let me know what happened with my BRP card and driving liscense

  44. I have sent off my application with my medical and birth certificate for a provisional license. But I have had just a license renewal with no provisional intitlements. Do I need to keep checking on the DVLA website to check if it updates or do I need to contact DVLA?

  45. Hi
    I had applied for my Provisional license along with my BRP card via post on 24th sept. Tracking my application, it’s showing still my application has not yet received. How long will it take to reach and when ll I receive my Brp card along with my provisional license. It is my ID proof original. Kindly do the needful

  46. Hi
    I sent my passport on 7 Aug with first-class delivery. And it got delivered on 10 Aug. So can anyone confirm for me how much time it will take more to get my documents back? I need to travel i booked my ticket for next month. I need my passport back. Its been over 10 weeks and they are showing they are processing non-UK license applications for 18 Aug. But there is no update yet on my application. It was my worst experience ever here. I need my passport back asap. Please if anyone knows how to contact them please let me know its really urgent.

  47. Hi DVLA,
    I have submitted my BRP as identity proof with my provisional license application form on 22nd of September2021, but I haven’t received my BRP nor provisional license yet. Kindly suggest what to do.
    kind regards

  48. Oluwadamilare Oluya

    Hello DVLA,
    I have submitted my BRP as identity proof with my provisional license application form on 31st of August 2021, but I haven’t received my BRP nor provisional license yet. When I tracked , transaction status says – In Progress: Awaiting Application Return Form. Please what does this mean?
    Also, I have moved houses . I would like to change my address so it can be delivered to me where I currently live. Kindly suggest how to go about that.
    Thank you.

    kind regards

  49. Hello,
    I have applied online for provisional licence with none UK identity on 7th August, and return documents on 14th August.
    Still haven’t received any update yet. And my family is in emergency condition and need to travel on 29th October., also need my passport and all for the PCR test.
    I have been calling them and asking for the update, they just give whatever we see online tracking.
    Anybody can help with this, Please

  50. My provisional license was issued last week. I haven’t yet received my professional license nor my BRP. When I try to call DVLA it doesn’t go through. How can I get an update of my application?

    1. Hello, My first provisional license was issued today. I have not received my brp and passport either. Have u received yours now? I need to get an idea of how long it will take roughly.

  51. Fathisafi mayow yusuf

    Hello DVLA,
    I have submitted my BRP as identity proof with my provisional license application form on 03st of september 2021, but I haven’t received my BRP nor provisional license yet. When I tracked , transaction nothing say.
    .Thank you

  52. hi, i applied on the 21st of september and ofcours paid for my license but my cbt is in 2 weeks and if i dont get my licence i have to move it and also means its gonna be hard for me to get to college because of trains being messed up. i couldnt use my passport as it was a picture of me from when i was about 12 so 3 days latter i sent them the docs they needed and i was told 2 to 3 weeks and i never got an email for a refference number or anything and now am really confused

  53. Hello,
    I have sent my old provisional license over to change the address on 08/08/2021. When I go on track it says ‘awaiting application return form’. But when I tracked the letter it has been signed off, which means they have received it. It tried everything calling constantly but it’s no point cause it always says it bust and cuts the line and emailing but no replies. Am I able to apply fr a new Provisional license? Is there anywhere I can go for help? and are there other numbers available for emergencies?

    Thank you,

  54. Hi
    My name is Mahnoor
    I applied for my first provisional license and sended my important documents by post.
    It’s been a month and I still didn’t receive my BRP and passport back .
    Please help me.
    I need those for my first job.

  55. Hello, i applied for my first provisional driving licence 8 days ago and DVLA sent me an email requiring additional information and stated that they will send an application completion form in the post within a week and they still have not sent it. I emailed and called them multiple times but their line is always busy and no response on email.
    Any advice?

  56. I have sent my BRP on 27/08/2021 and there is nothing yet. Can people who applied in august reply here if they have received anything?

    1. Hi Farah, have you received yours? According to Gov.UK website, they’re now processing applications received on 13th September, 2021.
      Please let me know.

        1. Please I posted my documents for provisional licence since 6 October and I have not heard anything from them yet. Please can I get my documents back please help me anyway u

  57. I got the same problem!
    I sent my BRP and the first D1 application on 17/09/2021 with Special D by 1, I saw DVLA received and signed it on 20/09/2021 but until now, I still haven’t gotten any documents back yet! I am so confused!

  58. Hi
    I’m Mahnoor
    I applied for my first provisional license and I send my important documents through post . It’s been more then a month . I didn’t receive my passport and BRP back .
    Please help me. I need them on urgent basis.
    Thank you

  59. Still awaiting to hear from dvla on my provisional licence but for reasons due to covid staff are limited most ve working from home some that are in the office working will of mentioned they had a backlog of licence applications but when ringing their number it goes straight to sorry there’s a high number of calls please call back later all three numbers say the same thing
    I recommend people waiting 10 weeks as been advised or check online tracking through the dvla tracking system

  60. Please please if someone can help.
    It’s more than 10 weeks now.we applied on 25th August. Sent provisional application form along with our original passport by special post with return envelop.
    We hv to travel soon for my unwell mother in India.
    But no passport in my hand.

    We don’t know anything. If our documents has lost.
    As we have lost (post-tracking receipt now)
    But we have application reference no.

    Wht I hv to do? Please help.
    If our passport has lost?which we even don’t know.
    Calling dvla they have a excuse and asking us tacking receipt no.

    Can’t they check with application reference no. and by our name in their system?

    We are in worst situation.
    We can’t even apply for emergency passport. As we don’t know if it is lost.

    Please guide us.

  61. My practical test is in 2 weeks and I’ve lost my license so I applied for a new one. How long will it take as I don’t want to have to reschedule of cancel as the wait is ridiculous?!

    1. Hi Ellie,
      If you applied for a replacement licence online (the quickest option), the DVLA state that you should receive it within 15 days. Though with the backlog of licences still being processed, this might be cutting it a bit fine.

  62. Right I’ve now been waiting around 2.5 moths for my provisional it has my birth certificate aswell and I need to order my passport how long is this going to take I get reduced staff n stuff but this is reddiculous idc

  63. Hello. My name is Joseph. Is there any way that i can cancel my application and send my BRP back to me? I am worried that in 3 months time my BRP will not be back as i am going home to philippines in april

  64. Hi there my name is Abdulaziz I sent my application three months ago I have not heard back from them until now even my ID CARD have not received anything I Don’t know why?

  65. I applied a month ago for first provisional online and returned the form and it’s saying online awaiting application form I don’t understand need help how long would it be

  66. I sent off my application over a month ago and the update system just says awaiting application forms which were said to have been received on the 15th of j January. I would like an update as the DVLA contact line is not going through and the phone ends.

  67. Hi DVLA,
    I have sent mine and my daughters provisional license application along with BRP cards on 2-Feb and there is no response yet. Can you please update as your phone lines dont go through?

  68. On my progress status it says transaction completed license issued for a week now but the provisional still isn’t arrived

  69. Hello,
    I received my provisional license but didn’t get my BRP . Please tell how long after BRP will come at my home . please tell me as soon as possible.

  70. my grandaughter sent off for her provisional licence months ago.but shes lost her slip they gave her wen she sent off for it how do we find out if they have recieved her application and if they got it at all.its been over three months.

    1. Learn Automatic

      Hi Ann,
      If you do not have an application reference number, you’ll need to call the DVLA. Try calling at first thing at 8am. It can be a bit of a challenge the get through.

  71. I have applied for provisional license and i got my BRP 5 days back. But i dint recieve the license yet. In the portal i checked it has been issued. Can anyone tell like how many days it might take to get a license? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Santosh,

      Did u get in 5 working days or 5 days ? Because I have sent on 27th Feb, still I did not received. I am tensed.

  72. Hi,
    I posted my BRP in express delivery and sent another envlope paid and stamped with special delivery to get my BRP back which I sent for my provisional license application. Could you tell me how much time does it take for them to send back my BRP.

  73. I applied and finished the payment but I haven’t gotten any reply or confirmation email or text and I’m really troubled

    1. Hi Sharon,
      If you application has been successful online you should have received a confirmation email and application reference number. Have you checked your email junk/spam folder?
      Failing that, you’ll need to contact the DVLA. You can either do that via webchat or by calling them on 0300 790 6801 or 0300 123 0815. Unfortunately DVLA are notoriously difficult to get hold of due to the vast amount of calls they receive.

  74. Hello
    I had sent Provisional license form and brp card through post office and cost £6.85!
    So,I’m confused that When I’m supposed to pay the other amount!

  75. Bolarin Ebunoluwa

    I applied for Provisional license and i was mailed to send my BRP, which i did, but up till now am also still waiting for my Original BRP Card that i sent, its not been returned yet, please what do i do next? Please help

  76. I applied and sent my BRP and application form via special delivery for next day and signed for on 18th March, I tracked to see it was received to DVLA same day but today 26th march when I checked my application process the status was ‘In Progress: Awaiting Application Return Form’ does this mean they have still not received my application form and BRP even though when i tracked delivery it says it has been delivered on parcel force? Please help

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